Things to do

Ontario is abundant in attractions and activities for all ages.
Canada Day Celebrations: Ignace enjoys its annual Canada Day Parade followed by many activities at Agimak Beach, performers, and fireworks to end the day.
White Otter Days: Ignace hosts White Otter Days celebrations each year, during the month of July. A variety of activities are put on by the White Otter Days Committee and the Township Recreation Department in partnership with numerous community groups.
The White Otter Days Men’s & ladies Hockey Tournament: For more information about White Otter Days events and dates, visit:
Summer Fun: Children’s camps, Bike rodeos, along with other activities are held during the summer months, encouraging active play and lifestyle.
Halloween: Halloween Family fun day is a special time for families to participate in games, festive activities, and enjoy tricks and treats!
Winter Carnival: Ignace annually hosts winter festivities such as the snowmobile Club’s Poker Derby and Dance, Health Fair, skating, and various winter events during the middle of February.
Raleigh Falls: Close to Ignace, you can enjoy this breathtaking view.
White Otter Castle: White Ottter Castle is a magnificent three-storey castle that was hand built in 1903 by Jimmy McQuat, a lonely prospector who had lost all his fortunes in the gold rush and gambling.
Swimming: Enjoy the water at one of the many natural beaches. Qualified swimming instructors offer beginner to adult level summer swimming lessons at West Beach.
Parks & Beaches: ignace has two immaculate swimming beaches with change rooms, picnic pavilions, and playground areas available. West Beach provides increased supervision for new and beginner swimmers through its enclosed swimming area.
Hockey, Figure Skating, and Open Skating: All are available at the Ice Arena throughout the winter months. The Northwestern Hockey Sports Camp offers a summer hockey school to girls and boys of all ages during all of July.
Fitness Centre: Great to keep up your indoor fitness training.
Photography Opportunities: breathtaking waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and lakes
Golf: The Ignace Golf & Country Club has an attractive nine-hole golf couse and driving range. Fun for all ages and abilities.
Vollyball: Nets are located right on Agimak Beach making for some Beach Volleyball fun.
Fishing & Hunting: Ignace and area is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in Northwestern Ontario. We also sell fishing and hunting licenses.
Other activities include:
-Hiking trails
-Public Library
-and much much more!