Exotic trips

White otter castle

Imagine single-handedly felling trees, winching them from the woods and hemming them square!

The legend of Jimmy McOuat lives on in Sunset Country through the magnificent three-storey castle he built on the shores of White Otter Lake. At the turn of the century, he single-handedly constructed the log castle from red pine logs that he cut, hauled and interlocked. The castle has now been restored through the efforts of the Friends of White Otter Castle. The castle is 64 km north of Atikokan, and is accessible by snow machine, plane, boat and of course by canoe. White Otter Castle is an elaborate three-story log dwelling which was built on the shore of White Otter Lake, near Ignace, Ontario by eccentric hermit James Alexander “Jimmy” McOuat.


Sandbar lake

  • Beautiful sandy beach with gently sloping swimming area that’s great for kids
  • Transitional forest with plants and animals from the boreal forest as well as those of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands
  • Erratic boulders are strewn amidst the trees- evidence of the power of glaciers
  • Gateway to challenging northern canoe routes


Raleigh falls

Very picturesque, especially during the spring melt. Midday is best to have the sun on the falls for a photo. Great spot to relax and have a picnic


For some individuals, hunting is a way of life, and a nourishment source. It is additionally a vital wellspring of pay in the Ignace region, because of the improved scale of tourism and guided hunting resorts. The most prevalent hunting targets are moose, bear, and deer . There are some fly-in resorts that have American packages for hunting and angling in the range. Read More…

Fishing and Boating

Ignace is a decent Angling place. One does n’t need to go far because there are numerous lakes close to the town. In these lakes most mainstream types of fish are Northern, Walleyes and Lake Trout. If you have an enough experience in angling then you can do a superior angling in these lakes.. Read More…